The Old Ford


The Great River is changeable. When rainstorms or snowmelt feeds its tributaries like the Rushdown, the river can quicken and become impassable save by boat or via the stones of the Old Ford. The dwarf-road crossed the river here, over a stone bridge of their making. In later
years, the men of the North Kingdom made it greater to hasten the passage of their armies. The bridge is gone now, leaving only a few stones worn smooth by the water, among which rest the fragments of a broken statue of a forgotten king.

Until recently, the Ford was a haunt of bandits and thieves, who would demand payment from some travellers and rob others. Now, the Beornings guard the ford (and the tolls are high, but at least no-one is robbed). There is even talk of building a new bridge over the Anduin, but such a project is beyond the skills of the Men of Anduin.