Old Forest Road


The Dwarf-road (Men-i-Naugrim in the Elvish tongue) is a wonder of the northern world. It runs for two hundred miles across the middle of Mirkwood, and is the dividing line between the north and south parts of the forest.

A traveller in the wood might stumble upon a section of the road that is still intact; walking upon such a stretch of the Old Forest Road feels like advancing along a Dwarven tunnel — the stone-paved floor is covered by dirt and leafmould and weeds, but no plants have yet broken through the tiny joints between the slabs; overhead and to either sides the trees grow so thickly together that they form a roof and walls. Such clear sections can provide a short cut through the woods, but they are often watched by unwelcoming eyes.

For most of the roadway, though, the forest has triumphed. Trees colonised first the earthen ditches, and then broke through the paved surface. Roots dug through the stone, then the foundations until they found the living earth beneath. The only trace left of the road in many places is an unusual discolouration of the underbrush.

Old Forest Road

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