A venerable Dwarf of many winters, Munin is the head archivist of the Chamber of Marzabul under Erebor. Lore of the elder days that exists nowhere else in the North, save perhaps the halls of Rivendell, lies within his charge. Companions with the support of King Dáin, or another noteworthy Dwarf, may be able to get his assistance in researching old records, as his memory remains quite sharp, though he is short with outsiders and any he considers to be wasting his time. Munin has a long white beard that just touches the floor. He is thrilled beyond speech that Erebor was recovered when he feared it lost forever. Unfortunately, despite his amazing grasp of ancient lore, dealing with Munin can be trying; at his advanced age (well over 200) his hearing is failing, however, he refuses to accept this and abhors shouting as he believes it implies disrespect. Those talking with Munin have to raise their voices high enough to be heard, but not so high as to make him think he is being yelled at.