Mountains of Mirkwood


The Mountains of Mirkwood are also called the Dark Mountains, from their old name in the Elvish tongue. They rise dark and desolate from the forest, and are divided into two parts — the larger group to the north that are the true Mountains, and the southern Haunted Hills. A wooded pass divides the two, and the Old Forest Road runs through this gap. The trees in the pass are oak and beech, but tall pines dominate the upland regions.

East, the mountains descend to rolling hills and mounds, all cloaked in tangled pines and mossy willows. The land grows progressively wetter as it approaches the southern marshes; weeds and vines hang heavy from the trees.

The peaks of the mountains are bald, and are snow- covered except in the height of summer. They are very treacherous; their rocky slopes conceal many deadfalls and narrow ravines. Landslides are not uncommon, as if the trees relaxed their grip on the soil and let it roll downhill. The lowlands are just as hard to cross, as thick weeds and clinging plants fill the forest floor.

Mountains of Mirkwood

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