The giant black bear known as Mor’du is a legend told to Wayward Elves, misbehaving Woodmen children and Dwarves that take too much interest in the forest. Legend tells of a great warrior who was cursed by Dwarves from Erebor after the warrior stole artefacts from the Lonely Mountain; the act was well-intentioned, as he sought to use the artefacts to bolster himself and his men in their fight against the Orcs, but he was consumed by its power and by the gold he found with the artefacts, and was cursed as a result: he became the giant black bear that now roams Mirkwood, killing, feasting, hunting. Mor’du has an especial hatred of Dwarves and goes to great lengths to kill them.

The beast is thirteen feet tall with thick leathery skin covered in coarse thick, matted fur the colour of the deepest night. Broken weapons protrude from his hide and fur, creating a layer of armour that adds to the beast’s invulnerability, or at least as legend has it; for it is said that Mor’du cannot be slain.