Dindy and Dody


Second cousins (by marriage) to the Took brothers, Popo and Wilibald.

Dody Brandybuck: The owner and bartender of the inn, Dody is exceptionally gregarious and friendly, even for a Hobbit. He could talk the hind legs off any creature in Middle-earth; if Dody had ended up in Gollum’s cave instead of Bilbo, then he would have lost the Riddle-Game, but the Dwarves would have found Dody by following the noise of a drunken Gollum singing about fish. He is everybody’s best friend.

Dindy Brandybuck: Dody’s younger and more nervous brother. Unlike his garrulous sibling, Dindy never wanted to travel in the Wild. He always dreamed of opening an inn, but assumed it would be in Buckland or maybe the Eastfarthing, not over the edge of the Wild. Still, if things
keep going smoothly, then the Easterly Inn could make the fortune of both Brandybuck brothers, and he could move back to the Shire in a few years with chests of silver and gold, just like Bilbo Baggins.

Last spring, Dindy returned to the Shire to obtain vitally needed supplies, such as handkerchiefs, umbrellas, spice- racks, silverware, barrel-spigots, feather-bolsters and round doors, as well as trade goods like pipe-weed and Shire-beer (which, to be honest, could also be counted as ‘vitally needed supplies’).

Dindy and Dody

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