baldor and belgo


He is a merchant and a travelling trader, and his four ponies are carrying iron tools and toys from Dale that he intends to sell to the folk of Woodland Hall. He has arranged with the Elves for passage through their lands. He knows that Mirkwood is dangerous, and so he looked in Esgaroth for guards who were brave enough to risk the crossing of the forest. It seems that he chose poorly.

He offers the job of guarding the caravan to the company instead. He promises to pay them in coin or goods (two points of Treasure each) once they reach the Forest Gate.

Baldor’s History

• He was once a rich merchant of Lake-town, but he lost a great deal when the Dragon fell on the city.
• Not only was his fortune destroyed, but his wife Halla also perished. He carried his young son out of the flames, but could not find his wife.
• While others have found prosperity in the years since the Battle of Five Armies, he has not been so lucky. He moved to Dale when its reconstruction started, but he has yet to rebuild his former wealth.
• Young Belgo is a good lad, his father’s pride and joy.

baldor and belgo

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