Raven's Bluff


The settlement is surrounded by a palisade atop an earthen embankment, with threes sturdy gates that are closed at night. A walkway follows the wall inside, planks atop the flat embankment that slopes down to the grass below. The bluff sits in the middle, by the stream that runs off from the river Anduin. Archers stand watch atop the bluff, on which stands a worn statue of a raven, twice as tall as the tallest warrior. The bird’s features are almost worn smooth, but its shape is still clearly recognisable. It is older than the settlement and gave the village its name.

There are six houses, each home to a family, and under the shadow of the bluff is the Thane’s house, with a long table that his warriors feast upon every night. Inside the walls each house has a garden of herbs and vegetables, while one holds a corral for cattle that usually grazes beyond the walls and are brought inside when night falls. A few geese graze between the houses, acting as guard dogs for the village.

There are a dozen Viglunders that can fight, half of which are veteran warriors that have seen several battles with both Men and Orcs. They all take turns standing watch and patrolling the walkway, and will defend their home fiercely.

Maracar is the fiercest and most fearsome warrior that Thane Grimbar commands, and both are cruel men who are loyal and devoted to Viglund. The others are merely Men who love their families and their home, and obey their masters.