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  • Erland

    [[File:682390 | class=media-item-align-left | erland.jpg]] One of the outlaws who follows [[Geirbald]]. Rescued by [[:dafydd | Dafydd Ap Alfred]] from Orcs in the region of the [[White Statues | White Statues]].

  • Geirbald

    [[File:682394 | class=media-item-align-left | geirbald.jpg]] Geirbald is a Woodman, of the House of Woodland Hall. In years past, he was accounted a great hunter and warrior among his people. On one hunt, the Werewolf of Mirkwood attacked their company; …

  • Woodmen Town

    [[File:690479 | class=media-item-align-none | Woodman_Town.jpg]] h1. Woodmen-town The oldest settlement of the Woodmen was founded by the folk of Balthi long ago. He brought the Lamp out of the darkness, and the light of the Lamp has ever protected …

  • Barac

    Barac is a friendly Woodmen from [[Rhosgobel | Rhosgobel]] who helped the Company when they needed a place to interrogate their prisoner, [[Baldac of Tyrant's Hill | Baldac]] of _Tyrant's Hill_.

  • Bana

    Banna is one of Radagast’s aides and messengers. She is eternally optimistic and positive, and loves tramping through the forest and the vales of Anduin more than anything else. She is curious about other folk, but has no desire to leave the lands she …

  • Alberic

    My name is Alberic, I come from the wilderland near Mirkwood and I want to be an adventurer. My village is attacked regularly from Orcs so I can handle myself in a fight. Its a big world out there and I want to explore it all. I love to hunt with dogs, …

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