The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

Secrets of the Long Marshes: Part 3

Session 49


The companions charge into the chamber, bringing battle to the three large Orcs that stand before the bronze globe that dominates the room. Maurdor, the lead Orc, slayer of Dafydd Ap Alfred’s father, an Orc of great size with a thickened hide and splendid armour (for an Orc) stands firm as Dafydd charges in, spear leading. The others are close behind, Alberic and Wilibald Took harrying the two elite Orcs, while Storr joins Dafydd, and Gilthannas keeps to the rear, loosing arrows at their foes.

The fight is long and hard, largely because Maurdor is so large and his hide so thick, that their blows slide off his skin and ping off his armour; while the two elite Orcs are worn down and dealt with swiftly, but before one of them falls, he delivers a mortal wound to Alberic, felling him. The other is taken out as Dafydd switches targets and spears the Orc; the feller of Alberic is taken down as Dafydd penetrates its armour and sends it to its death. The larger Orc eventually falls to a final arrow by Gilthannas, and the battle is won.

With Alberic down, the companions retreat from the cave and take the Woodman to the ruined hall, setting his body down on the stone table. They gather some wood from outside, light a fire, then settle down to decide what to do now.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 2 each.


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