The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

Secrets of the Long Marshes: Part 1

Session 47: Part 2


3rd Thrimidge, 2949 (Spring)

The Company arrive safely at Lake-Town and go to visit Gloin, but the Dwarf is away, attending the King of the Lonely Mountain. They retire to an inn, and encounter an old family friend of Dafydd’s, a former soldier called Storr.

Storr, whilst scouting out the Long Marshes for some clients, spotted a warband of Orcs lead by the Great Orc (Maurgor) who slew Dafydd’s father during the Battle of the Five Armies. He agrees to take them to where he last saw them, and help Dafydd track down the Orc, to deliver justice for his late father.

The Company take a boat through the Long Marshes, leaving it behind (hidden in reeds) when they reach the centre of the marshland. On foot they hike across the boggy land until they locate the tracks of the Orcs.

The Company track the Orcs through the marshes for several days (to the 10th Thrimidge): the Orcs are searching for something, slowly moving through the land, allowing the Company to quickly catch up to them. The tracks come to an end in a gully, where a pair of dark-skinned, red-eyed draft horses stand by a pit, a rope hanging down inside, signs of Orcs all about, but none in sight.

They cautiously approach as the evening draws in.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 2 each.


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