The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

The Questing Beasts

Session 47: Part 1


3rd Aston, 2949 (Spring)

The Company have been invited to participate in a Royal Hunt for the rare White Harts of Mirkwood, due to the generosity and increased Standing of Gilthannas.

Popo takes his leave of the Company, remaining at the Easterly Inn to help manage the Hobbits growing trade in Pipeweed.

From the Elven King’s Halls they venture out with groups of Elves, notably an Elf-maiden called Ruithel, who has recently been promoted to lead the border patrols and wields the symbol of the office, The Bow of Sudden Fury.

The hunt takes several days, but the Company spot a White Hart and manage to take it down, with the combined shoots of Gilthannas, Alberic, and a final arrow from Dafydd. As they approach it, they come across a pit, wherein the Bow of Sudden Fury can be seen. As Gilthannas climbs down and retrieves it, a pair of Dwarves (Polin and Pomin) appear out of an old tree, through a cunningly hidden door. They are wary of the companions, and it seems that they’ve taken Ruithel prisoner, believing her to be responsible for shaving the beard off their chieftain, Frar of the Greydelve. They intend to ransom her when he returns, to secure aid for reclaiming their home in the Grey Mountains.

The companions manage to convince the Dwarves to let her go, in exchange for agreeing to meet their chieftain and lend their aid in raising support to reclaim the Greydelve.

They free Ruithel, and to appease her, Dafydd offers the esteem of taking down the White Hart to her, rather than himself (as he sent the fatal arrow into its heart). She warily agrees, and they return to the Halls for a celebration and great feast, leaving both the Dwarves and the Elf-maiden in debt to the Company.

The Company leave the Halls in good-spirits and travel to Lake-Town.


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