The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

The Elf and the Stag

Session 77


18th Blothmath, 2950 (Autumn)

At the Woodfellow inn in Archet the company meet Harry Talltree, the forester of Archet who tells them that they have an Elf in custody, caught killing a stag in the forest. He’s due to be taken to Bree for trial, and they ask to represent the Elf. They go to see him, and are introduced to Gildor Inglorion, an Elf from Rivendell, who was accompanying the Lady Irimèˆ to the Grey Havens. Halbarad bids farewell, leaving the company to travel with the forester and his men to Bree in the morning.

They persuade Gildor to go along with the Law of Men, despite his reluctance and arrogance. The next morning they travel to Bree, and that night manage to catch a quiet word with the Reeve, putting in a good word for the Elf and suggesting a peaceful solution and penalty for the crime.

The following day the trial is held, and although they stumble somewhat through the proceedings, they manage to come to a compromise that the Reeve and the forester accept: paying a weregild (30 gold) and exile from Bree-land for the Elf. Gildor finds it all amusing, but agrees. The company persuade everyone that they’ll need to escort Gildor to Rivendell.

It takes five short days to reach the Last Bridge, without incident, and another three days to the valley where Gildor says Rivendell lies. They camp for the night, and in the morning find themselves surrounded by armed Elves. Lindir, who looks after everything, quizzes them before he allows them entrance: it seems their reputation has preceded them.

They spend the rest of the year in Rivendell, joining the Elves in feasts, songs, stories and peaceful surroundings. In the middle of Winter, their peace comes to an end, when a familiar face enters the room…

End of Session

XP Awarded: 2 each.


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