The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

Legend of Mor'du: Part 1

Session 51

mountainsofmirkwood.jpg Accompanying Gloin to the Lonely Mountain, the Company are left outside for close to an hour whilst the Dwarf nips inside to speak to the King. When he returns it is with good news: in exchange for the location of the bronze globe that they found, they are permitted access to the Chamber of Mazarbul Under Erebor, where Munin the Keeper of Records will help them with their quest. They agree, and tell Gloin that Storr will be able to guide them to the ruins.

Inside the chamber they spend most of the day searching the records, until Gilthannas comes across a book of curses. In its pages are reference to Mor’du and a cursed amulet that is the source of its power and immortality. They record it on parchment and after bidding farewell to the Dwarves, they head out and spend the night in Dale. The next day they meet up with Grimgar and tell him everything they have learned.

The Curse of Mor’du

The manuscript was a book of curses, and as an example of turning one’s rage against themselves, the legend of Mor’du is given was told. It tells how an amulet is used to grant the wearer the strength of ten men, but if used in rage and for nothing just or noble, each use changes the user until they become a great bear, full of rage, their own identity driven out. Immortality is granted, at the cost of eternal suffering. To break the curse is to also remove the power, and is a simple matter of shattering the amulet. If this is done to Mor’du, then its immortality is removed; however, the curse has lain long upon it, and its strength does not ebb immediately; it takes a week to lose its great strength, reducing it to merely a dangerous black bear.

Going on a Bear Hunt

Grimgar is delighted and, over the course of an evening drinking, somehow manages to convince the others to join him in his hunt for the Black Beast; he knows where it has made its lair, and is convinced he can end the threat it poses once and for all.

They spend the next day gathering supplies and preparing for their journey, down to the Mountains of Mirkwood, where the beast’s lair lies. They purchase some strong nets, rations for the journey, and plenty of arrows.

It is at this point that Wilibald Took bids them farewell, hopefully only temporarily, as he heads off to the Easterly Inn to meet up with Popo Took and see to their growing business.

The three remaining companions, Alberic, Dafydd Ap Alfred and the Elf Gilthannas take off with Grimgar, the Beorning acting as guide.

They spend a week travelling back through the Long Marshes, then enter the dark depths of Mirkwood, as the first days of summer warm their backs, leaving the sunlight behind. For half-a-dozen days they hike through the thick forest and along the foothills of the Mountains of Mirkwood, until Grimgar draws them to a halt. He tells them that they are close, little more than a mile away. He leads them cautiously to the clearing where the beast lairs, the sky peeking through the canopy and revealing a star-lit night. They see a low hill, standing stones, and the entrance to some ancient barrow. They retreat and make camp at a safe distance, and as they settle down for the evening, plans are made…

End of Session

Current date: 17th Forelithe, 2949

XP Awarded: 2 each.


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