The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

Lair of the White Worm: Part 2

Session 79


9th Solmath, 2951 (Winter)

Tarry-mack searches the remains of the Hill-man and finds a brooch of a stylised eye, the pupil a fiery orb. It looks all too similar to their recent nightmares to be a coincidence. The Company agree that they need to delve deeper, to see what lies beneath the temple as well as get some idea as to what the Hill-man was doing here.

Down they go, leaving Storr and Grimgar upstairs on guard. The stairs lead to a spiralling, gradually sloping round tunnel. Faint boot prints are spotted in the thick dust and the companions follow them. At intervals along the tunnel the prints skip ahead, as if whoever made them had jumped ahead. Carefully, by keeping an eye on the prints and searching whenever they skip, they find pit traps, spear traps and a scythe trap, bypassing each as they go along.

The tunnel spirals further inwards and down, until it reaches a central chamber: inside is a slope leading down, with four stone snakes coiled on pedestals, all looking in at the sloping tunnel. No sign of symbols or traps. They cautiously descend, Gilthannas hearing something ahead. They ready their weapons and carry on… then out of the darkness ahead a giant white snake springs forth.: the Elf lets loose a couple of shots, one taking the beast straight in the eye. The others move up to attack, but the beast looms over them and tries to bite the Elf, narrowly missing as he dodges back. Dafydd Ap Alfred jabs it with his spear, but when Alberic swings his axe, it slips from his fingers and goes spinning across the floor. The worm curls back, snapping at Dafydd and biting deep, wearying him as it dents his helm. He backs off, allowing Tarry-mack to move up, sword swinging ineffectively.

Another arrow flies true, embedding itself deep into the snake’s flesh. Gilthannas readies another, when Alberic slides across the floor, grabbing his axe as the snake tries to crush him. Then Dafydd, bow now in hand, lets loose with an arrow, narrowly missing the other eye of the beast; another arrow follows from Gilthannas, as they distract the creature from attacking Alberic and Tarry-mack, who are failing to strike.

The snake rears up to strike again, but Dafydd takes aim and lets loose a final arrow: it flies through the air, and strikes the snake in its eye, driving deep and killing the enormous monster. It crashes to the floor, shaking the ground.

In the aftermath of the battle they find the tunnel ends in a domed chamber full of bones, old coins, gems, plus a mithril chain with a white gem trapped in a silver cage. They loot the room of its treasure, then return to the upper temple.

Deciding that they have done their deeds, they head back to Rivendell, taking nine days to cross the Coldfells and Trollshaws without incident.

When they reach the valley they are escorted straight to the common room, where an old man in grey robes, a blue hat and with a long white flowing beard is waiting to talk to them.

End of Session

  • XP Awarded:* 3 each.


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