The Nameless Fellowship

It has been five years of relative peace since the Battle of the Five Armies, and the Wilderland has seen a lot of travellers passing along its vales, rivers and through the great forest of Mirkwood.

Six such travellers find themselves at the Village of Stonyford, attending the annual harvest Festival of the Full Moon. They are recent acquaintances for the most part, aside from the Took brothers that have travelled all the way from the distant Shire. They met on the final leg of the journey, joining others who were heading to the village for the festival (either to participate, trade, or simply be entertained), and after brief introductions discovered they were kindred spirits, all sharing a love of adventure and a desire to see the wider world around them.

On the morning of the festival, the six companions of a newly formed Fellowship enter the village and are soon being sponsored by families to take part in the trails, hoping to win the coveted Sickle of the Full Moon.

And so our Story begins…

The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

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