Woodmen Town



The oldest settlement of the Woodmen was founded by the folk of Balthi long ago. He brought the Lamp out of the darkness, and the light of the Lamp has ever protected Woodmen-town and its inhabitants.

The town nestles on the banks of the Dusky River, which blocks attacks from the east. The Woodmen also use the river to travel back and forth between Woodmen-town and Woodland Hall.

The Woodmen of Woodmen-town are proud and brave. Theirs is an ancient heritage, stretching back nearly a thousand years. To a civilised traveller from Dale or Gondor, they may look like rough wild Men of the woods, but the folk of Woodmen-town consider their lineage to be the equal of that of any king.

Woodmen-town faces a precarious existence. Spiders and other horrors out of the wood assail them regularly. Still, they have endured here for nine hundred years, and made this wood their home.