Wayward Elves


Hiding in the deep darkness of Mirkwood, away from the bustling world of mortal Men, the Silvan Elves are every year more in danger of dwindling into “a rustic folk of dell and cave”. Far from the protection of a Ring of Power, the tides of time take their toll on the long-lived Elves, not in the way old age takes over and eventually ends the lives of mortals, but by slowly consuming their physical bodies. Every Elf who refuses to sail over the Sea to linger upon the shores of Middle-earth is doomed to fade.

Thranduil fears that the rebellious ways of the Wayward Elves is hastening their diminishment. instead of opposing the forest’s ‘call of the wild’, the Wayward Elves embrace it, relishing in the changes they are bringing upon themselves with their unbridled ways.