geirbald.jpg Geirbald is a Woodman, of the House of Woodland Hall. In years past, he was accounted a great hunter and warrior among his people. On one hunt, the Werewolf of Mirkwood attacked their company; young Geirbald bore a bitter hatred of the beast, and loosed arrow after arrow at it, hoping to slay it. Even when his companions were scattered and the beast leapt away into the underbrush, he kept shooting until his quiver was empty. The next morning, scouts found the body of Geirbald’s younger sister lying in the bushes. One of her brother’s reckless arrows killed her. Stricken with guilt and horror, Geirbald fled Woodland Hall.

Since then, he has lived in the forest as an outlaw. A dozen warriors joined him, and together the thirteen roam the deep forests, hunting Orcs and Wolves. Their chief camp is in Western Mirkwood, and they winter there. Some of Geirbald’s men are still welcome in Woodland Hall and Woodmen-town, but others are ill- favoured men, or outlaws, or madmen.

These outlaws rarely prey on travellers or commit crimes. They are called outlaws because they are not part of any of the Houses of the Woodmen, and so are outside the law of society.

The Company befriended the outlaws after rescuing Erland from Orcs, and being aided by Holdwine in a fight against said Orcs.