Elven King's Halls


The Halls of the Elvenking

The main portion of the Elf-path ends where it crosses the Forest River. A long avenue of trees marks the approach to the river, and an elegant Dwarf-wrought bridge of stone arches over the fast-flowing waters. Across the bridge is a grassy slope lined with beeches, and the entrance to the underground halls. For more on the Elvenking’s Halls.

The Elf-path continues across the bridge, climbing up to the west of the bridge and ascending by a steep staircase to the top of the hill. From there, the path winds through narrow valleys overhung with oak, crabapple and boxwood until it passes the Sentinel Oak. To the right of the bridge, the Forest River crashes down another short waterfall to enter a small canyon. A smaller stream flows out of a cave at the far end of the canyon to join the river; this stream is used by the Elves to bring their boats, rafts and barrels onto the water.

Elven King's Halls

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