East Bight

Desiring better farmland, the Northmen of Rhovanion cleared a wide section of the forest over the course of generations. Unlike the Woodmen of today, few of these settlers saw the forest as anything other than a place of horror — or a source of firewood. Most built their halls not in the shelter of the forest, but on defensible hills and mounds. They cleared more and more of the forest and grew in strength and number, until an enemy came for them that no defensive wall or spike- clad hill could stop. The Great Plague hit them grievously, and in the following years they fell before enemies coming from the East. Their numbers dwindled and eventually they vanished from those lands, leaving only the Narrows and the East Bight as their legacy.
The East Bight is still mostly clear of trees. The soil there is rich and fertile, and many different tribes of folk have settled there and tilled it over the passing years.