Beorn started to establish his position as a great chief after the Battle of Five Armies, when he began uniting many men under his rule. Nobody knows why he did so, and nobody seems able to divine his plans for the future: Beorn seems content today as a leader of a folk as he seemed once to enjoy his previous isolation. His followers obey his loose rules out of respect for their leader, and a council of elder chieftains comes to his house regularly to interpret his will and let it be known to the rest of the population.

Beorn maintains good relations with both Gandalf the Grey and Radagast the Brown, and the two Wizards have been seen arriving at the house of Beorn together on occasions.

Beorn appears as a huge man of indeterminate age with a thick black beard and hair. Powerfully built with strong arms and muscular legs, he speaks with a growling voice when angered and laughs a great rolling laugh when amused.