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  • Guthred

    [[File:626333 | class=media-item-align-center | Guthred.jpg]] A brute of a man carrying a great axe. Working for someone called Viglund, and hired [[Cenric | Cenric]] to steal the [[Sickle of the Full Moon | Sickle]].

  • Roderic

    Roderic is a former thrall of [[Viglund | Viglund]], captured by the Company during their ill-fated attack on the companions. He has been freed by Beorn and put to work tilling the fields, answering questions about his previous master and his lands. …

  • Beran

    Beran is a former thrall to [[Viglund | Viglund]], who was captured along with [[Roderic | Roderic]]. He was enslaved to one of Viglund's sons and leaves behind him a brother who he has vowed to free one day. He is resigned to working for Beorn for now, …

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