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  • Sickle of the Full Moon

    [[File:623824 | class=media-item-align-right | sickle.jpg]] h3. The History of The Sickle of the Full Moon When the first Men moved north and swore allegiance to Beorn, their lord claimed to be a simple farmer and beekeeper. But his subjects soon …

  • Thane Ava

    Ava is the daughter of Hartwulf, the wisest of the village of [[Stonyford | Stonyford]]. She is the village spokeswoman and diplomat, and distrusts strangers. She is a bit more trusting towards the Company since they recovered the [[Sickle of the Full …

  • Amand the Smith

    Amand is a recent addition to the village of [[Stonyford | Stonyford]], having journeyed from Dale where he apprenticed with a Dwarf to learn his smith-craft. He is a Woodsman originally, but has been welcomed by the Beornings due to his metalwork skill. …

  • Hartwulf

    A greybeard who leans heavily upon a staff, and mumbles when he talks. The villagers call him their wiseman, and believe he knows all sorts of magical secrets

  • Ava

    Hartwulf’s daughter and one of the strongest personalities in the village. She is the clan’s diplomat and spokeswoman when trading and dealing with outsiders. She mistrusts visitors, and always tries to dissuade them from coming too close to the village.

  • Wiliferd

    With the recent death of Rathfic and the disgrace of Oderic, Williferd is now the most experienced warrior of Stonyford. He is very nervous about this new honour, and is clearly jumpy. He keeps one hand on his axe-handle at all times.

  • Brunhild

    [[File:704574 | class=media-item-align-none | brunhild.png]] Since the death of her husband and the arrest of her foster-brother, Brunhild has attended to her duties as a grieving widow. Every day, she puts fresh flowers on the grave-mound of Rathfic, …

  • Oderic

    [[File:704588 | class=media-item-align-left | oderic.jpg]] Ava said: “These are grim tidings. Oderic is a murderer and kinslayer. We thought that by sending him to the Carrock for judgement, we were done with his evil.”

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