The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

The Ice Cave
Sessions 84 & 85


10th Forelithe, 2951 (Summer)

The Company, with Ekbar guiding them, embark on the long journey to the Mountains of Mirkwood, along the river, through the marshes, then West into the forest and the slopes of the mountains.

The journey is nearly two weeks long, uneventful, even pleasant at times, and they reach the site of the ruined fort on a cloudy, late and humid afternoon, and creep up a path through the rocky slopes until the crumbling fort comes into view. They hunker down for the rest of the day, watching for movement: they spot Goblin Archers on the walls, see Orcs changing shift, and suss out a way to get to the ruin by climbing down to lower slopes and sneaking across.

As night falls, they move off, scrambling down as quietly as they can, using a rope and their experience to move unseen and unheard. They sneak across to a thick canopy of honeysuckle then send Dafydd Ap Alfred up to spy. He clambers up, quiet as an owl on the hunt, and he sees half-a-dozen Orcs in the courtyard, half-heartedly keeping watch, bickering and moaning about guarding some ‘Elven trinket’. He lowers a rope to the rest, and everyone except Gilthannas climb up, taking shelter behind the fallen walls.

They ambush the enemy, taking them completely by surprise. The three Goblins on the walls fall dead before they even realise it by well-aimed arrows from Gilthannas, Ekbar, and Alberic. Dafydd sends a deadly arrow into the heart of an Orc hanging out by the well, and then the rest charge in!

Grimgar impales an Orc, then sweeps another off its feet and skewers that one too; Dafydd takes out another, impaling it on his spear as he moves to guard the doorway to a tower; Alberic and Storr charge up, guarding a set of stairs leading below; Storr shoots an Orc as he reaches the stairs. One of the remaining Orcs whacks Grimgar, who retaliates by impaling the foul creature. And a double-whammy from Alberic and Gilthannas take out the last Orc.

Gilthannas hears movement from the stairs, and as soon as an Orc’s head appears, he shoots it between the eyes. Its corpse tumbles back down the steps. An Orc calls out, from the tower above, in rough Common, demanding that they surrender. The Company moves out of sight, guarding the door and stairs, and do not reply.

An hour passes, then another. An Orc attempts to find out what’s going on, but as it ascends the stairs, it falls back down as Gilthannas shoots that Orc between the eyes too. Several more hours pass, deeper into the night.

The Company decide to take the battle to whoever is in the tower. Leaving Grimgar, Ekbar and Gilthannas outside on guard, the others move into the tower, past the lower floor and a locked trapdoor, up to the second floor, where Orcs Guards ambush them: Dafydd is jabbed by a spear and battle is joined.

Outside, an Orc jumps out of the tower window, stumbling as it lands, then sprints towards the stairs down: he gets about halfway before Gilthannas shoots him down.

In the tower, Dafydd is joined by Storr and Alberic, just as two more Orcs join the Guards: a wary, smaller Orc, and a powerful looking Chieftain wielding a staff. Alberic engages him, while Storr helps Dafydd out: spears, swords, axes and staff jab and slash, thrust and parry. The Orcs dodge, block; the companions parry and duck; Alberic shouts for help, and Grimgar and Gilthannas rush in to help.

The Orc Guard falls to the mighty spear of Grimgar; the smaller Orc is battered back and drops his weapon, falling to his knees and surrendering. The chief carries on fighting, wearied quickly, but not before he pummels Alberic into unconsciousness. Then the chief falls to one of Gilthannas’ arrows, and drops dead.

In the aftermath, after tying up the surrendering Orc, they search the tower and find little. The captive Orc tells them it will help, if they promise to let it go free. They sort of agree, and the Orc (Zagluk) helps them disarm the traps of a chest in the cellar; where plenty of loot is found, as well as a lesser Ring of Power (or some prototype) is claimed by Gilthannas.

They lock the Orc inside, and proceed to the stairs. Alberic, once he is awake and ready, pretends to be Zagluk and manages to convince four Orcs to come up: these are quickly felled by the companions waiting at the top. Then they head down, find some barracks, a mostly looted treasure room, and two Orcs guarding the entrance to a cave: these Orcs too fall easily to the Company.

The cave turns out to be an ice cave, and it is cold and dark and totally unnerves the companions. After much caution and worry, they enter and find a sword encased in ice: then an Elven spirit appears, but thanks to some quick talking and the presence of Gilthannas, the spirit gifts them the sword and asks them to use it wisely. It fades away, lifting the cold from the cave.

After hacking and freeing the sword, Gilthannas takes the ancient Elven blade, and the Company return to the tower to rest and sleep. In the morning they head back down the mountain, letting the Orc go as they reach a safe spot. He flees into the forest, and the Company head back to Dale without any trouble.

Back at the town, they split the treasure, bid farewell to Ekbar, and decide to head off to see the Elves and maybe learn more about the sword; then return to collect the Helm of Peace at the end of summer.

On the 6th Afterlithe, they leave the town and head West.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 3 each.

Helm of Peace: Prologue
Session 83


11th Thrimidge, 2951 (Spring)

When they arrive at Sunstead the Company meets with Ceawin and learn that he wants them to journey to Dale to collect a helm, the Helm of Peace that he has ordered made to appease the spirits of his ancestors after strange sightings in the barrows south of his settlement.

They agree, and are told that it will be ready at the end of the summer. This gives them several months to travel to the town and do other stuff, before they need to collect the helm and return.

So off they go, hiking across the grassy plains to the [[The Crossings of Celduin: Part 1 | The Crossings of Celduin]], which is inhabited once again with a wooden bridge replacing the destroyed stone one. They spend the night, then follow the river, skirting the marshes. On their journey Alberic, scouting ahead, comes across an old farmhouse that looks like it might be a suitable place to camp; but something about the place puts him off, so they camp elsewhere. A few days later, they reach Lake-town and spend a week there, resting, drinking, learning to enjoy living again, exchanging gossip with Gloin.

During that week, Alberic is filled with confidence at the direction his life is taking and spends a fruitful few days in the marshes looking for herbs. Storr and Gilthannas practice their weapon skills, while Dafydd Ap Alfred and Grimgar visit a blacksmith and fletcher to improve their armour and bow.

At the end of the week, with weeks to go until they need to collect the helm, they are relaxing in a tavern when they are approached by a hunter called Ekbar. He is looking for experienced warriors to help him loot a ruin, after he spotted some treasure whilst out hunting. Only trouble is, there are Orcs there too. He needs help, as while he can hunt, he’s not a great warrior. They agree and negotiate for equal shares.

On the 10th Forelithe, as Summer begins, they pack their bags, shoulder their weapons, and head out of the town, heading towards the forest.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 1 each.

Eight Legs, Four Legs, Two Legs: Part 2
Session 82


29th Aston, 2951 (Spring)

The Company venture into the webbed maze, cautious and ready for the spiders they expect to find. They follow twists and turns, and soon feel vibrations in the floor: five Hunter Spiders and three more Attercops swarm from around the corner.

Three fall dead before they reach the heroes, felled by a flurry of arrows from Gilthannas, Alberic and Dafydd Ap Alfred. Then battle is joined, although it is short: sword, spears, axe and bow slay spider after spider in rapid succession, with barely a sweat broke.

Leaving the twitching carcasses behind, they continue to explore and come across a chamber that acts as a larder, where more spiders guard half-a-dozen cocooned farmers, half of those they have come to rescue. They ambush the spiders and free the prisoners, who tell them that the others were taken deeper into the maze. Leaving the farmers in the larder for safety, the Company continues on, following the tunnels deeper; soon they reach a large domed chamber, the centre of the maze and Alberic sneaks forward and peers inside.

He spies the remaining villagers, but they are guarded by more wolves, larger wargs, giant spiders with human-like faces, and a robed and hooded figure that oozes menace. Too many to take on.

The Company reluctantly retreat, taking the farmers they’ve freed out of the maze and head back towards The Black Tarn and Amaleoda, Shieldmaiden of the Black Tarn. After a few hours it is obvious that they are being pursued, but the heroes manage to increase their lead and lose the pursuers and make it back without incident.

They ask Amaleoda to send word to Radagast about what they’ve seen, and after a night’s rest they head off across the forest towards the East Bight to meet Ceawin the Generous and learn what task he needs them for.

Six days later, just a day or so from the halls of their friend and ally, they are looking for a place to make camp, when a pack of wargs attempt (and fail) to ambush them. Three wolves are slain before they attack, the others rush in, surprising and scaring Storr, grabbing and pulling Grimgar to his knees, and clamping teeth on Dafydd Ap Alfred’s leg. Both Bardings find themselves wearied as they fight off the wolves, and Gilthannas frees the Beorning by felling the wolf that has grabbed his leg. Three more wolves fall to sword, spear and axe, and another to a well-placed arrow. Alberic decapitates the larger wolf leading the pack, and they jointly slay the last wolf before it can escape.

They tend to their cuts and scrapes, find a defensible place to camp, and in the morning head off, reaching the growing settlement as the afternoon draws into evening.

End of Session

XP Award: 3 each.

Eight Legs, Four Legs, Two Legs: Part 1
Session 82


25th Aston, 2951 (Spring)

As the Company arrive at The Black Tarn, they see villagers outside the main hall arguing with Amaleoda, Shieldmaiden of the Black Tarn, demanding that she do something about the attack.

Dafydd Ap Alfred and Alberic wade straight in and calm the would-be mob down, and discover that yesterday a dozen spiders swarmed out of the forest and took a dozen farmers captive. Amaleoda can’t do anything to rescue them, as they have no real warriors, and no one is volunteering to venture after them, despite demanding that something should be done. Thankfully, the companions step up and agree to go after them, and either return with the captives or bring back word as to what has happened to them.

This quietens the villagers, and the Company wastes no time tracking the spiders from the farmland to the forest: the tracks show a dozen spiders at least, but also half-a-dozen wolves. They head off, following the trail, deep into the Heart of Mirkwood.

The trees quickly close around them, cutting off all but the faintest trickle of light. Torches and lanterns are lit, and they slowly make their way through the dense, dark woods. For severals days they follow the trail, almost losing it at one point (which puts Alberic into a miserable mood for the rest of the journey), but finding it again after a day’s searching. Eventfully they come across a small clearing, beyond which is a dense thicket of ancient oaks, brambles, deadwood, and webs upon webs upon webs, forming a domed maze that disappears into the darkness. A faint glimmer of dying sunlight penetrates the thick canopy, and half-a-dozen wargs are seen lounging in the clearing before an arched entrance into the webs.

A plan of attack is formed: shoot the wolves, lure them away from the webs, repeat until nothing else comes out. Climbing into the trees, Gilthannas attracts the wolves by sticking one with an arrow, felling it where it lays. The others come to investigate, and are swiftly picked off by the others: one survives, and limps off into the webs. A few minutes later, half-a-dozen Attercops come crawling and the heroes leap down to fight them, and slay them without breaking a sweat.

They wait, but no more come out. With little choice, they approach the webs carefully, and with Alberic and Storr taking the lead, Grimgar in the middle, and Gilthannas and Dafydd bringing up the rear with their bows out, the Company light their torches and enter the maze…

End of Session

XP Awarded: 2 each.

Trouble at Home
Session 81


27th Rethe, 2951 (Spring)

After tending to their wounds, burying Longleg, and arranging Grimgar on the wagon, the Company break camp and head off as the first rays of the sun pierce the woods. Leaving the dead wolves surrounding Longleg’s grave, they reach The Old Ford before nightfall and spend the night there.

Whilst resting, they learn that Men from the Northern Vales have been raiding, some even entering Beorn’s territory, and that wolves are on the prowl. There have been rumours of Orcs moving through the mountains and forest too, but nothing substantial. Grimgar wakes up after his sleep, wounded, weary and in much need of a rest, but able to (carefully) travel on.

It takes an uneventful couple of days to reach their fort at the Old Forest Road, which hasn’t yet been completed. It turns out that work has stalled here, as without the Company’s leadership and drive, the Dwarves aren’t working well together. A few stern words and a bit of not so gentle persuasion convinces everyone to get back to work.

At their home, they also discover the Hobbits from the Easterly Inn ( Agatha and her husband Dody) have come to stay. Whilst they were away, raiders attacked and razed their inn to the ground. They were led by a man with a badly scarred face, who sounds very much like the lone traveller they encountered in the High Pass. The companions welcome the Hobbits to stay here, and agree to fund the building of a new inn here instead. They agree and start making plans.

Meanwhile, after a bit of rest, the Company leave Grimgar and Storr at home to recuperate, and travel up to see Beorn, learning that he has sent his Men to guard the Forest Gate in case there are any more raiders, but he has no more news for them. They thank him and head South, to home first to collect Grimgar and Storr (now fully healed), then to Stonyford gathering gossip there before heading off to Woodland Hall and then Woodmen Town, before arriving at Rhosgobel where they meet up with Radagast.

There is little news or gossip, other than rumours of Orcs and Spiders being a bit more active, and some local trouble with the warriors from Tyrant’s Hill. Dafydd Ap Alfred suggests that they look at opening a new path between the East and West sides of the forest, and decide to head off to see if that is possible, whilst also paying a visit to Ceawin the Generous, who has sent a message asking for their help.

A good night’s sleep and with their provisions re-stocked, they head off see Ceawin, intending on stopping at Black Tarn Hall on their way, to see what’s being going on there in their absence.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 1 each.

Homeward Bound
Session 80


18th Solmath, 2951 (Winter, end of)

In Rivendell Gandalf fills them in on the revelation of Sauron in Mordor, and asks for their help to fight the Shadow. They agree and decide to return to Wilderland to continue the battle.

The next day they head back to Bree, leaving Storr and Grimgar with the Elves to recuperate, while the others meet up with Dindy and Longleg, to escort their caravan back home.

The journey there and back is uneventful, pleasant even, and they collect Storr and Grimgar as they cross the moors up into the High Pass and slowly make their way East across the mountains. Again, the journey is uneventful, even when they pass through the mountains and camp out in the ruins where twice before they fought for their lives.

From then, rain falls incessantly, soaking them thoroughly, slowing their journey and forcing them off the old road to find shelter in a wooded dell. They light a fire, and settle down for the night, setting guards but not worrying too much now that they are almost back in the Free Lands of home.

A couple of hours from dawn, Gilthannas suddenly awakens as he thinks he hears the soft growls of wolves. Iwgar Longleg too has been woken, looking around as he reaches out to shake Dafydd Ap Alfred awake. The Elf shakes Alberic awake, as he looks around and sees Dindy– supposedly on guard– oblivious to any trouble and concentrating on toasting bread.

No sooner have the Barding and Woodman woken, a sudden howl pierces the quiet of the night, and over a dozen wargs leap into the camp, teeth flashing in the firelight!

Gilthannas manages to grab his bow and arrows as the wolves pour in, and spies a much louder wolf seemingly directing the pack: he lets loose an arrow, which speeds through the air and takes the large beast down. The pack are visible troubled by this, but something deeper drives them on. Alberic rolls over, grabbing his axe, and scrambles to his feet as wolves leap at him; Dafydd picks up his shield and moves closer to his spear; Longleg grabs for his axe; and both Storr and Grimgar are rudely awoken as wolves seize them. Storr finds himself being dragged off into the woods, while Grimgar howls with rage as a wolf bites deep into his leg; he kicks it free, opening a space for Dafydd to dive forward and sweep up his spear; another wolf grabs his leg; Gilthannas finds himself surrounded, and without his sword, his stabs out with an arrow, nicking the flank of a wolf as it tries to bite him.

Then a wolf leaps up at Longleg, ripping out his throat with a savage yank. The guide falls heavily to the ground, dead as his blood seeps out into the wet earth.

Grimgar and Alberic stab and swing, cutting down wolves, allowing Gilthannas to back off by the wagon (where Dindy has dived under) and fire off another arrow, felling the wolf that grabbed Dafydd. Another takes its place, its jaws clamping down on Dafydd’s leg. Another grans Grimgar, one tears at Alberic’s leg, wounding him. Storr tries to grab his sword, any sword, as he is dragged away, fending off bites: one wolf’s teeth dig deep into his arm.

Dafydd jabs down with his spear, killing the wolf holding him; Alberic, wielding Wolfbiter, its blade glowing a brilliant blue, cuts down another wolf; and the Beorning and Elf jab and shoot, wearing the wolves down.

Another wolf leaps at Dafydd, but Alberic intercepts, and the wolf pulls him down, tearing at his chest: the Woodman falls to the ground, unconscious as his blood pools beneath him.

Grimgar is then taken down, teeth at his throat. He falls and does not get back up.

Storr pummels the wolf holding him, but the pain of its teeth in his leg almost makes him black out.

Dafydd wades in, his spear glistening red, impaling another wolf; Gilthannas shoots out out of the air as it leaps towards the fallen Alberic. The the Elf moves in, an arrow in his hand, as Dafydd pulls back, grabbing his bow. Gilthannas is grabbed by a wolf, but he just jabs it in the head with his arrow, and the beast falls down dead. Dafydd lets loose with a well-aimed arrow, felling the wolf holding Storr; the warrior staggers to his feet, grabs a sword off the floor, and as Dafydd takes down another wolf, Storr moves up behind the one now turning on Gilthannas, and cuts down the last wolf.

Silence falls, save for the cracking of the fire, and the laboured breathing of the dying.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 2 each.

Lair of the White Worm: Part 2
Session 79


9th Solmath, 2951 (Winter)

Tarry-mack searches the remains of the Hill-man and finds a brooch of a stylised eye, the pupil a fiery orb. It looks all too similar to their recent nightmares to be a coincidence. The Company agree that they need to delve deeper, to see what lies beneath the temple as well as get some idea as to what the Hill-man was doing here.

Down they go, leaving Storr and Grimgar upstairs on guard. The stairs lead to a spiralling, gradually sloping round tunnel. Faint boot prints are spotted in the thick dust and the companions follow them. At intervals along the tunnel the prints skip ahead, as if whoever made them had jumped ahead. Carefully, by keeping an eye on the prints and searching whenever they skip, they find pit traps, spear traps and a scythe trap, bypassing each as they go along.

The tunnel spirals further inwards and down, until it reaches a central chamber: inside is a slope leading down, with four stone snakes coiled on pedestals, all looking in at the sloping tunnel. No sign of symbols or traps. They cautiously descend, Gilthannas hearing something ahead. They ready their weapons and carry on… then out of the darkness ahead a giant white snake springs forth.: the Elf lets loose a couple of shots, one taking the beast straight in the eye. The others move up to attack, but the beast looms over them and tries to bite the Elf, narrowly missing as he dodges back. Dafydd Ap Alfred jabs it with his spear, but when Alberic swings his axe, it slips from his fingers and goes spinning across the floor. The worm curls back, snapping at Dafydd and biting deep, wearying him as it dents his helm. He backs off, allowing Tarry-mack to move up, sword swinging ineffectively.

Another arrow flies true, embedding itself deep into the snake’s flesh. Gilthannas readies another, when Alberic slides across the floor, grabbing his axe as the snake tries to crush him. Then Dafydd, bow now in hand, lets loose with an arrow, narrowly missing the other eye of the beast; another arrow follows from Gilthannas, as they distract the creature from attacking Alberic and Tarry-mack, who are failing to strike.

The snake rears up to strike again, but Dafydd takes aim and lets loose a final arrow: it flies through the air, and strikes the snake in its eye, driving deep and killing the enormous monster. It crashes to the floor, shaking the ground.

In the aftermath of the battle they find the tunnel ends in a domed chamber full of bones, old coins, gems, plus a mithril chain with a white gem trapped in a silver cage. They loot the room of its treasure, then return to the upper temple.

Deciding that they have done their deeds, they head back to Rivendell, taking nine days to cross the Coldfells and Trollshaws without incident.

When they reach the valley they are escorted straight to the common room, where an old man in grey robes, a blue hat and with a long white flowing beard is waiting to talk to them.

End of Session

  • XP Awarded:* 3 each.
Lair of the White Worm: Part 1
Session 78


30th Afteryule, 2951 (Winter)

Whilst wintering in Rivendell the Company are met by Tarry-mack again, brought in by the Elves from the cold. He asks for their help, again. A Winter Wolf has been spotted to the North, and they are dangerous beasts that must be dealt with. Agreeing, the Company leave with the Ranger in the morning, and set off North across the Trollshaws.

They cross the rocky, snow-laden forested hills until they reach the land where the Coldfells roll off to the North. As night falls they set camp, and spot a glimpse of a white wolf in the distance. They find wolf tracks the next morning and follow them into the Coldfells, a land where even the Rangers seldom go. This is troll country, and a land where ancient ruins remain.

On their third night, whilst all but Alberic sleep, everyone but the Woodman have nightmares: they see an eye of flame and shadow, an iron tower rising from black rock, and a feeling of being watched. The feeling doesn’t leave them the next day, when they find the tracks leading into a deep gully and spy a ruin ahead: a ruin shaped like a coiled serpent, its head fallen down to the long grass below. Trees partially block a dark tunnel leading inside, and the wolf tracks lead within.

Alberic and Storr head inside first, the others holding back ready with their bows and spears. Inside are trees and a pool, barricades of old tree trunks and piles of bones. At the back, stairs, and by the stairs a man dressed in leather and feathers, a spear by his side. He introduces himself as Mala, an explorer, and quizzes the to men about their presence: they learn that the wolves are his companions, but that they have nothing to fear… not that they believe him. The decline his offer to join his camp and back out, but not before Alberic spies what must be a pair of wolves lurking in the shadows.

Once outside the companions agree that they have to go in and battle the wolves, Alberic and Storr leading, the others following, bows ready. They make their move and find that the wolves have moved into position by the entrance: the wolves leap, surprising Storr, but not the Woodman, who gets off an arrow before the wolf lands and bites.

Alberic’s Wolfbiter shines bright and proves worthy of its name: he fells the first wolf in moments. Storr gets bitten, Dafydd Ap Alfred moves in, lets loose an arrow into the wolf’s side, then steps aside so the others can move in. As Alberic slays the the other wolf, Gilthannas moves up, draws a bead on the Hillman, and slays him with a single well-placed shot.

With the opposition dead, they suddenly find a swarm of ravens pouring in from outside, swirling around before disappearing as quickly as they came: the Hillman is gone, just remnants of his clothes left behind. The companions search the room, finding nothing of interest, and move to the stairs to where the remains of the Hillman lie.

The stairs loom darkly…

End of Session

XP Awarded: 2 each.

The Elf and the Stag
Session 77


18th Blothmath, 2950 (Autumn)

At the Woodfellow inn in Archet the company meet Harry Talltree, the forester of Archet who tells them that they have an Elf in custody, caught killing a stag in the forest. He’s due to be taken to Bree for trial, and they ask to represent the Elf. They go to see him, and are introduced to Gildor Inglorion, an Elf from Rivendell, who was accompanying the Lady Irimë to the Grey Havens. Halbarad bids farewell, leaving the company to travel with the forester and his men to Bree in the morning.

They persuade Gildor to go along with the Law of Men, despite his reluctance and arrogance. The next morning they travel to Bree, and that night manage to catch a quiet word with the Reeve, putting in a good word for the Elf and suggesting a peaceful solution and penalty for the crime.

The following day the trial is held, and although they stumble somewhat through the proceedings, they manage to come to a compromise that the Reeve and the forester accept: paying a weregild (30 gold) and exile from Bree-land for the Elf. Gildor finds it all amusing, but agrees. The company persuade everyone that they’ll need to escort Gildor to Rivendell.

It takes five short days to reach the Last Bridge, without incident, and another three days to the valley where Gildor says Rivendell lies. They camp for the night, and in the morning find themselves surrounded by armed Elves. Lindir, who looks after everything, quizzes them before he allows them entrance: it seems their reputation has preceded them.

They spend the rest of the year in Rivendell, joining the Elves in feasts, songs, stories and peaceful surroundings. In the middle of Winter, their peace comes to an end, when a familiar face enters the room…

End of Session

XP Awarded: 2 each.

A Thief in the North Fields
Session 76


16th Blotmath, 2950 (Autumn)

The Company spend a restful couple of weeks in Bree. While they recover from their recent ordeals, Alberic spends time exercises his talent with his axe, while Dafydd Ap Alfred talks to the locals and learns, from pieced together snippets of legends and lore, more about his spear (a spear of Westerness). Gilthannas lifts his spirts, and those of the folk in the Common Room of the Prancing Pony by singing songs of the Elves.

On a cold Autumn morning, while coming down from their rooms to break their fast, the innkeeper points out a man to them, who has been asking after them. The man introduces himself as Tarry-mack, a Ranger with a mutual friend. Since they’ve shown an interest in lending a hand while in Bree, he has a job for them; a test, if they like, to prove themselves. There might not be anything in it, but someone has been stealing chickens from a local farmer– Robin Hayward– and wants help bringing the thief to justice. It may just be a desperate bandit, but perhaps something more. The recent event with the Old Troll has the Rangers troubled, so this needs looking into.

The Company agree and set off to the farm, only a few miles up the Greenway, to speak to the farmer. Robin shows them a gap in the chicken fence, and tells them what he knows: a chicken or two has gone missing every couple of days. He agrees to let the companions hide in the sheds to catch the thief, and that night they settle down to ambush whoever the thief is.

Gilthannas and Storr crowd into the chicken shed, while the others take shelter in the cow shed, barn door ajar so that they can see what’s going on. A few hours into the night, they spot a figure approaching, and surprise the thief as it opens the door to the chicken shed. Quickly they surround the hooded figure, who shows no sign of being hostile, but is quite stubborn at answering their questions until Gilthannas persuades him to talk to them. They retire to the cow shed, sharing food and drink, and the hooded man reveals he is a Ranger, called Halbarad who has been stealing chickens to use as bait to lure a Wight into an ambush. The plan has failed, but he does not know what else to do. He accepts that he hasn’t really thought it through, as although he knows about Wights he’s never actually encountered one.

Thankfully, the Company have, and agree to help, so long as Halbarad repays the farmer by doing odd-jobs for him. They also give Robin a few silvers to cover the lost chickens, and head off the following morning to the Chetwood, where Halbarad spotted the blood-drinker under the eaves of the forest.

That might they lay a trap for the creature. Using a concealed Dafydd and Halbarad as bait, pretending to sleep around a campfire, the others hide amongst the trees on either side. Their plan works, and just after midnight something moves in the darkness. Dafydd spots it just as it rears up out of the dark and leaps to claw Grimgar: the mighty Beorning exchanges blows, jabbing the rotted carcass with his great spear, taking a blow that wearies him in return. The others hear the fight and rush forward, Dafydd reaching them first, his new spear’s head glowing a bright blue in its presence. The creature recoils, but such is its thirst for blood, it keeps on fighting. From the tree above, Alberic fires an arrow into its back, as it bashes Grimgar into the tree, staggering him. Again and again Dafydd pierces it with his spear, the blade seeming to burn it where it lands. Then Gilthannas comes in range of his bow and sends a piercing arrow into its chest; and a final arrow from above sends the Wight back to its death.

They burn the body and retire for the night, and in the morning decide to warn the people of Archet just in case there are any more of the dead walking. The woodland village, a dozen wooden buildings around a clearing, is well-hidden amongst the trees but the Ranger knows where it is and leads them there.

Into the local inn, the Woodfellow they go, met with suspicious stares. Then one of the men, a giant of a man with a bushy beard, spots the Elf in the party. “An Elf, eh? Come to beg for the release of yours kinsman? He killed a stag and justice will be served; we’re taking him to the Reeve, whether you like it or not.”

End of Session

XP Awarded: 2 each.


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