The One Ring: The Nameless Fellowship

The Falrock
Session 2


8th Winterfilth (29 September) 2946

Dusk has fallen by the time the Fellowship reaches the Falrock. Hiding amongst the heather and long grass they spy the thieves camping in the ruins on the island that stands in the Rushdown waters, 10 or so miles downstream from Eagle Falls. There are four in all, three tired and desperate looking men, and an archer that is looking North, watchful.

As dusk lengthens, the Took brothers head upstream and find some driftwood, then cross the river by half-swimming, half-floating, to the other bank, tiring Popo out a bit by the time they reach it. They sneak closer to the ruins, taking advantage of their small, elusive size and the tall grass. From the South bank, Gilthannas, with his Keen-Eyes, keeps watch on them; to the rest of the Fellowship, the brothers are invisible. Up close, the three desperate men bear the marks of manacles, while the archer carries the Sickle on his belt. They head back up the river and cross back over, stealthily making their way back to the others, both wet and tired.

The Fellowship decides to wait until full dark, while the thieves camp, then send in the Hobbits to sneak up and steal the sickle. To cover them, those with bows will keep watch, ready for a signal to fire if the need arises. As they wait, as the sun begins to set behind the Misty Mountains, another figure arrives from the North: a tall, thick-set man carrying a great axe. He calls out to the thieves, addressing the archer by the name of Cenric and asking if his has the prize. Cenric holds aloft the sickle.

Then it begins to rain. Soon, the rain is pouring down, rippling the waters as they flow around the island and rocks sticking out. The thieves huddle around the camp fire, using a cloak and a few sticks to make a crude shelter to keep the worse of the rain off. They cook a couple of rabbits, while the newcomer and Cenric quietly talk.

As soon as it is fully dark and all but the two talkers are asleep, Dafydd heads upstream and swims across to the other bank, wet and chilled as he slips out of the water and carefully approaches the camp. He almost comes unstuck when he slips closer to the ruins, but the resulting embarrassment that would occur if he buggered up the plan gives him a surge of hope, and he manages to keep his footing and draws close enough to hear the two thieves talking. The newcomer is called Guthred, and in the morning he and the three other men will head back to East Upper Vales, to hand the sickle over to Viglund. Cenric will head off on his own, his part done. Guthred orders Cenric to stand guard, and rolls over to sleep, sheltering from the rain by huddling up against the rubble. Cenric sits with his back to the wall, watching the guttering campfire.

Dafydd signals to the others, and with his Keen-eyes Gilthannas spots him and gives a nod to the Tooks. The brothers once again head upstream, then slip into the cold water and let teh flow take them to the middle of the island; they are cold when they reach the island and haul themselves out of the water, unseen by Cenric. Meanwhile, Alberic, Veig and the elf stand watch on the South bank, bows and mattocks ready in case the burglary fails.

To distract the half-alert archer, Wilibald sneaks up to the wall and dislodges a brick, ducking out of sight as Cenric gets up and comes over to take a look: he sees nothing, but while distracted, Popo crawls along the outer wall and makes his way over to where Guthred sleeps; with extraordinary stealth and nimble-fingers, the Took brother steals away the sickle without disturbing the sleeping thief, and manages to slip back into the rain and darkness without being seen as Cenric shrugs and returns to his wet vigil.

The brothers slip back into the water and swim tiredly back to shore and rejoin the others. Together, the five wet adventurers sneak upstream and send Gilthannas across the river to fetch Dafydd back, both getting cold and wet; the elf is almost swept downstream, but manages to swim to the shore before he goes too far.

Together again, the Fellowship shoulder their packs and quickly head back, following the Rushdown and hiking through the rainy night to put as much distance between themselves and the thieves before they notice that the sickle is missing.

End of Session

XP awarded: 2 each.
Gained: the Sickle of the Full Moon

The Seven Trials
Session 1


30 Halimath, 2946

Having arrived at the village of Stonyford, the six new travelling companions find themselves taking part in the trials of the festival, sponsored by various families.

The first of the Seven Trials, the Stage of the Nobles, takes place on the centre stage setup in the middle of the village. Popo Took, fresh from the Shire, takes the stage and faces off against a series of lesser competitors until he finds himself in a battle of oratory against Gelvira, a potter from a nearby settlement. They end up at a stalemate, the audience unable to decide who was the most eloquent and over-the-top, so both are declared winners.

In the afternoon, after merrymaking that leaves Dafydd slightly the worse for wear (and therefore easily persuaded to put his name down for tomorrow’s nights song contest), a game of Thimblerig takes place, with Alberic proving himself by besting everyone else, including Ethal the Unkind, who sulks off complaining about outsiders intruding on their festival.

The main event of the first day, according to most, takes place as night falls. The Torch Race lines up several Beornings and Woodmen, including a nervous man called Rathwulf who almost turns up too late to participate. Gilthannas, eager to test himself, joins the race. The elf starts slowly, but soon outstrip the others, and speeds past Rathwulf, showering him with mud as the elf streaks past to win the race.

The night is full of song and stories, the normally sombre folk of Stonyford letting their hair down for the festival. Dafydd tries to back out of the singing, but the family sponsoring him insist he sticks to his word and takes part.

In the morning, shortly before dawn, the competition heads to the Seeking Field, where Veig, a dwarf that draws even more attention than the elf, since so few dwarves are seen this far west, completely fails to find the rocks he needs to seek: he finds rocks aplenty, but not the ones he needs. He fails miserably, much to everyone’s amusement.

Just as amusing, is Wilibald’s poor attempt at intimidating Mean Shurack; the bull instead has the hobbit running out of the corral before the contest is even over. So the hobbit instead takes part in The Ancient Game of riddles, but guesses wrong at each and every riddle, and hangs his head in shame as he exits the stage.

The evening draws to a close as the final contest takes place: The Lay of the Moon, a contest of song and rhymes. Dafydd, reluctant but participating, takes to the stage and struggles at first, then ‘finds his feet’, only to lose his nerve and quickly bow out.

With the trials over, the assembled winners, losers and audience, begin making their way to the Marshall’s Tent, where the Sickle will be awarded. As the companions approach, a cry goes out:

“The Sickle has been stolen! Goblins have took it!”

Ethel the Unkind comes out of the tent, crying alarm. She points inside the tent, “the Marshall is unconscious”, and then points to Rathwulf, who stands over the body of a Goblin. The tardy farmhand holds a sword, the tip bloodied. Someone runs off to get the thane, leaving the six companions to deal with the situation.

Gilthannas heads straight to Rathwulf and questions him, and when he examines the goblin’s body, he notices that it is cold and little blood is present. “This goblin has been dead some time,” he says. Ethel says she saw someone leaving the tent, but didn’t get a good look. Inside, Alberic finds a stunned Torbald, who has no idea what happened, other than being hit over the head and the Sickle now gone.

Outside, as Ava the Thane of Stonyford comes over, the two Hobbits find some tracks, but of booted feet, man-made, rather than goblin footprints. When confronted, Rathwulf breaks down and confesses that it wasn’t goblins, but a gang of thieves led by a man called Cenric; they stole the Sickle, using the dead goblin (killed elsewhere) as a distraction.

Ava takes Rathwulf into custody, and when the companions declare that they will hunt down the thieves, she agrees and welcomes their help. They are given a place to sleep for the night, since tracking the thieves in the dark seems foolish; as they sleep, Gilthannas asks a few questions to get a better idea of the land, and an interrogation of Rathwulf reveals that the thieves are heading to The Falrock.

In the morning, the first day of Winterfilth, the newly formed Fellowship head off following the tracks left by the thieves. An early rain that morning makes tracking difficult, with footprints being washed away, but a trail is found and by their best estimate, the thieves are only a day ahead.

They embark on a Forced March, but half the party grow tired and they gain no ground. A couple of days takes them to The Old Ford, where they cross the river and learn that four men came the same way yesterday. They hurry on, tiring a little, and after several more days they come within sight of their destination.

XP Awards

All except Dafydd gain 2 Experience Points (1 for attendance, 1 for progress); Dafydd gains 1 XP; everyone has gained several Advancement Points.


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