Wilibald Took

Hobbit of the Shire


TBC: but linked to…

Popo and his more bookish brother have heard tales of a great hobbit whom was said to have taken part in the Battle of the Five Armies, and as is the way with Hobbits, the desire to “keep calm and carry on” means that no-one know who exactly that Hobbit was, why he went and what happened (as the Hobbits generally are wanting to leave the land of the big folk to the big folk).

Though the tales over the five years – likely to be at once both grossly exagerated and yet probably so far from hitting the mark – have stirred the Tookish spirit in Popo.

Dragging his brother on a journey unsanctioned by his family, Popo is hoping to find out more about adventures, dragons, treasure and the wide-world of the big folk.

Wilibald Took

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