The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

When Spiders Attack!

Session 11


29th Rethe to 15th Aston (Spring), 2947

All around them, scuttling through the branches of the trees, mostly hidden from sight, the Attercops scurry closer to the companions. Wilibald and Dafydd, both ensnared by webs, struggle to free themselves as Baldor and Popo try to help, whilst trying to keep two of the giant spiders from biting and stinging the Hobbit and the Barding. Down below, Alberic and Gilthannas continue to shoot at anything with eight-legs that moves.

To begin with, it seems hopeless, but the companions have renewed hope as the Men and Hobbits fell a spider and the Elf takes out the other, shooting it off the web-bridge. More arrows fly, as those on top of the tower cut themselves free from the webs and start heading down the crumbling stairs, no spiders pursuing. One giant arachnid leaps from the trees, straight in front of Alberic; the Woodman drops his bow and swings his axe, cutting the foul beast in twain. Another rears up over the ruined wall, only to be shot down by Gilthannas.

With no more spiders in direct pursuit, although with dozens swarming amongst the trees, the companions grab Baldor and hurry back to their camp, dodging strands of webs and threatening any spiders that come too close. They make it back to the clearing, and the spiders do not follow, instead stand hissing and spitting until they give up and retreat back into the forest.

Baldor’s memories slowly return over the next few hours, as they all rest in the clearing, but they are like half-forgotten dreams, and the events of six years ago when the Dragon burned the old town down, killing his wife and destroying his livelihood, are fresh in his mind. He tries to come to terms with the older boy that he barely recalls growing up, but it is obvious there is a wedge between them now, and the journey on is sour as a result. Belgo spends more time talking and following the Dwarves than he does with his father, and Baldor keeps to himself and looks after the ponies.

The next few days are hard-going but without incident. The dim green twilight of the forest during the day is cool and almost pleasant, if not for the pressure of some many trees and so narrow a path. The ponies sometimes have to be unburdened and half-carried down steps or over uneven ground, but it is not as tiring as the last time the Company passed this way.

It is less than a week from the end of the path, when the air begins to grow chillier, and a deeper darkness draws in; a storm is coming…

End of Session

XP: 1 each for Alberic and Dafydd.


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