The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

Servant of Tyrant's Hill

Session 35


8th Afterlithe, 2948

The Company arrive back at Rhosgobel with their prisoner in tow, one of the Servants of Tyrant’s Hill, a man called Baldac. He has been quiet throughout the three-day journey and smiles as they approach the gates.

They are stopped at the gate by the Woodmen on guard, who are wary of letting them in with a prisoner in custody. They send for Iwald, the chieftain of this settlement, and he refuses to let them inside, saying that they’re bringing nothing but trouble to his gates and they have no desire to make things worse with Mogdred by taking a prisoner in for interrogation. If the Company want to deal with this prisoner, then they are on their own. He closes the gates to them, and tells them they’re welcome back when they’ve ditched their prisoner.

Not particularly happy with the turn of events, they are discussing whether to head off to one of the other Woodmen settlements instead, when another Woodman approaches them. He informs them that his name is Barac and that although they may not recognise him he fought with them at the Battle of Stonyford. He heard them talking and believes that the Woodmen need to know what threat Mogdred poses, so he offers them the use of his hunting hut a couple of miles into the forest, on the condition that they tell him whatever they discover so that he can feed it into conversations with his kin. That way the Woodmen will know what is going on, even if their chief isn’t interested. The companions agree and escort their prisoner to the hut, and leaving him inside while they plan the interrogation.

Their conversation goes back and forth, from violent threats and actual torture, to more gentle persuasion and just letting him go; they even discuss whether to let him go after they’ve learnt what they can, or just kill him. In the end Dafydd Ap Alfred goes in, while the others wait outside. Gilthannas and Popo Took stand guard, making sure they are not disturbed.

Inside the hut Dafydd does his best to appear intimidating, but his soft voice and words are more persusaive that threatening, and actually end up convincing Baldac that it is in his best interest to talk. By the time the Barding swaps places with Alberic, Baldac is happy to tell them what he knows in exchange for his freedom.

Seeing the wisdom in answering their questions, Baldac tells the companions that Tyrant’s Hill is a well-stocked fortress with over a hundred warriors, three dozen warhounds and two dozen warhorses. They are well-armed, trained soldiers who have spent the past few years defending the borders against Orcs and other foul creatures. In exchange for this information, he wants his freedom and to be allowed to return to his home, The Toft . If allowed to do so, he also tells them that Mogdred has a ‘pet’ troll that he keeps in the cellars.

Satisfied that he has told them what he can, they take him back towards Rhosgobel and let him go. Then, after informing Barac what they learnt, they decide to leave the Woodmen to their fate and head off on their own journey, looking for something more adventurous and profitable than acting as guards and scouts for the ungrateful Woodmen (as they see it).

They head off due West, to the Great River where the Gladden Fields sits on the opposite side. In the distance they spy a great rock rising out of the marshes, which tempts them but for now they pass on, following the river North, briefly stopping at the island further upstream where the River-folk trade; they exchange news, and all seems quiet of late. The River-folk tell them something about the large rock they saw: the Dwimmerhorn, a place of evil said to have once held a temple dedicated to the Necromancer of old. No one goes there and it is a refuge for Orcs and other foul beasts.

They continue on, and several days later arrive safely at Stonyford where they rest in the Thane’s Hall, their very own dwelling.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 1 each.


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