The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

Secrets of the Long Marshes: Part 4

Session 50


While Gilthannas stays with Alberic, keeping him warm and doing his best to stop the Woodman’s blood from flowing from his wounds, the others head out in search of treasure and anything that might be of help tending to Alberic.

Storr loots the nest of the Marsh-Dwellers, finding a few coins and small trinkets of value. Dafydd and Wilibald fetch the locked chest from the room that was sealed. The Hobbit manages to pick the lock, and inside are more coins and gemstones. Wilibald pockets a lovely looking brilliant cut ruby that sits inside a fine mesh-cage of mithril, ready to be fastened to a necklace or chain. There is nothing else of value or use that they can find.

Leaving Storr to look after Alberic, the other companions head back down to the cave via the entry hall. While passing through the broken pillars, Gilthannas takes a look at the shattered-face statue that stands in an alcove shrouded in thick shadows. The air around it is cold, and a chill runs through him as he looks at the statue of a richly attired man, his face broken. A chill settles over the Elf, and he backs away, unsettled by the shadows that cling to the alcove.

Down to the cave they go, where the Orcs were slain and the bronze globe stood. They are surprised to find the bodies are missing, and Gilthannas spots a trail of blood swirling through the rising water: the trail leads up the rock ledge opposite, and the glimpse of an Orc hand can be seen peeking over the edge. Along the other ledge, a pool of still, black water stands. The cave feels chilled, and a sense of unease fills the chamber.

Deciding that there is no chance they could ever move the globe, the companions agree to leave it be and get out of the ruins. They craft a makeshift stretcher for Alberic and carefully hoist him up into the cold, misty night. They find a sheltered dell to make camp, fetch the two Orc-horses from where they are grazing nearby (Gilthannas uses his Elvenness to force them to obey) and make Alberic as comfortable as possible. They rest for the night.

11th Thrimidge, 2949

Alberic survives the night! His fever breaks thanks to the tender care of Gilthannas, and using the last of the Mirkwood Cordial that Radagast gave them the Woodman regains consciousness. Although wounded and weary, he is strong enough to mount one of the horses and travel. They slowly make their way through the marshes, avoiding potentially dangerous paths, and after more than a week hiking through the marshes and along the river, they safely return to Lake-town and find a place to stay.

Fellowship Phase

The Company bids farewell to Storr, and spend over a week recuperating. During that time they shop at the Market-pool, go hunting for herbs, and Alberic recovers from his wounds. Then, one night, they are all sitting at a table enjoying a round of ale, when a large Beorning approached them, enquiring if they are the warriors who faced Mor’du and lived to tell the tale. He tells them his name is Grimgar, who has been hunting the great bear for several years and has discovered that the beast is cursed. He believes the secret to breaking that curse, and therefore making Mor’du vulnerable and no longer immortal, lies in the ancient records of the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain. He wants their help getting that information.

The Company agrees, so long as there is no violence or subterfuge involved. They agree to ask their Dwarf friends and get him the information he needs. The next day they head off to visit Gloin and convince him to write a letter to introduce them to the Keeper of Records. He even agrees to go with them, to help get them inside without any trouble.

They pack their gear and head off to the mountain, to visit the Keeper of Records, and perhaps arrange a meeting with the King as well.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 1 each.


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