The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance


14 Winterfilth (5 October) 2946

As dusk falls and more rain starts to fall, the Company make camp in the shelter of a small copse of trees a few hundred yards from the river. Suddenly, out of the dark, a figure staggers into the light of the fire: one of the thieves, looking weary and scared. He falls to his knees and pleads for the companions to help him.

Dafydd approaches the thief, menacing him with a spear [and gaining a Shadow point] as he asks what does the thief want. The man, who introduces himself as Roderic, says that he is fleeing Guthred, after that evil man discovered that the Sickle was missing; he blamed his men, thralls to Viglund, and he slaughtered the others as Roderic made his escape. He’s been running ever since.

While the thief is being interrogated, the others take a long look around them and spot movement in the growing darkness: several figures trying to sneak up on the camp. Willibald hides in the shadows of a nearby tree, when Gilthannas sees the sneaking figures draw closer, speeding up as they near the camp. He calls out a warning to the others, and this triggers a shout of “Take them!” from beyond the trees, as the thief’s allies charge into the camp to attack!

The Elf spots Cenric raising his bow to fire, but lets loose with a volley of his own first: before the archer has a chance to shoot, Gilthannas’ elven-arrow pierces his heart and sends the archer staggering back, falling dead to the damp grass.

Wilibald and Alberic let loose with their own arrows, both aiming at the hefty looking Guthred as he charges is, his great axe already swinging. Both arrows strike the man, but he merely shrugs them off and continues charing, straight for the Dwarf; the axe catches Veig a glancing blow, while Guthred mostly ignores the return strike from the Dwarf’s mattock.

The remaining two thieves find themselves battered back by Alberic, Popo and Wilibald, and Dafydd knocks Roderic back as that thief tries to rise and swing his axe at the Barding.

Wilibald finds himself without an opponent as the Elf shoots the thief and takes him down, the man crying out in pain before succumbing to it and falling unconscious. Free from fighting, he tries to rally his friends with a Song, but the last few days have proven quite wearisome, so his voice fails him and it comes out more like a croak.

Dafydd kicks Roderic out of the way, then spins around and jabs his spear into Guthred, piercing his chest and killing the large man. Veig steps over the body and returns the favour by whacking Roderic in the head, knocking the man unconscious. The last thief tries to fight his way out, but Gilthannas shoots him neatly with an arrow, which digs in deep, finishing off the last attacker.

The company see to their wounds– just a few cuts and bruises– and tied up the two thieves who are alive. When they awake they are questioned: Roderic and Beran are two thralls from North of the Elf Wood, where Viglund rules. Their families are slaves, and they were tasked with stealing the Sickle so that they could be freed from slavery. Now that they have failed, they are resigned to their fate. They surrender to the Company, knowing that there is no further point in fighting.

The Company break camp at dawn and are soon back at the village of Stonyford, where Thane Ava is glad to see them and relieved that the Sickle has been recovered. She holds a modest feast in their honour and the Company hand over the prisoners, for Ava to deliver justice to.

The companions spend the next nine days resting and recovering, swapping tales and learning from their small adventure, before getting ready to move on.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 3 each for successfully returned the artefact to the village.

Fellowship Phase

The Company (as yet unnamed) spend a short Fellowship Phase in the village (9 days) before the next Adventure Phase begins. Advancement and Experience Points are pooled and spent, and undertakings taken as follows:

  • Dafydd tries to relax and recover from the Shadow he gained after interrogating Roderic, but finds no peace this time.
  • Veig visits the local smithy and helps the blacksmith (a large man called Amand the Smith) to modify his armour: he gains the Cunning quality to his Dwarven Hauberk.


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