The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

Of Leaves & Stewed Hobbit: Part 2

Session 16


26th Forelithe, 2947 (Summer)

Battle of the Ringfort

Surrounded by Goblins and Orcs, the Company hold the Northern path against Goblins wielding jagged knives, while larger Orcs advance from behind, bent swords and spears raised to slash and pierce.


As Alberic and Dafydd hold the path, Wilibald races over to help his brother, while Gilthannas continues to send arrows into the enemy. For a few minutes all seems to be going their way, when suddenly Goblins and Orcs swarm over the earthen ramparts, forcing the Company to split their forces to deal with the threat. Dafydd skewers a Goblin, and Alberic kicks one back; Popo and Wilibald combined their attack and fell the Goblin that had the audacity to wound the Took. Wilibald then races to the ramparts as an Orc clambers over; straight into the King’s Blade the Hobbit wields; another Orc is transfixed by an arrow, as the Elf shoots into their midst. Alberic too takes out an orc, a sweep of his long-hafted axe decapitating the creature. Dafydd, not to be out done, stabs another Goblin in the face, killing it as it clambers over its dead kin.

More Goblins arrows sail through the air, nicking and cutting the companions as they stab and slash and pierce; more of the enemy fall at their feet, demoralising the Goblins as their larger Orc brethren are cut down.

Across the other side, their allies are holding their own, felling Goblins and another Orc; but then another Goblin breaks through and charges straight towards Popo; the Hobbit spins around, blade leading, and cuts the creature down in its stride. He then is shocked to find another four bursting out of a small cave, where thick thorny bushes grew; they find an Elf suddenly amongst them as Gilthannas leaps over the head of Popo and into their midst; two of the Goblins break off, one whacking Dindy over the head, and the other grabbing him; they carry the Hobbit off into the tunnel, leaving the other two to defend it; one falls to Popo’s own King’s Blade.

The last Orc falls to Wilibald’s sword; but then the Orc Leader leaps over the ring, and bears down with his spear onto the poor Hobbit; the spear pierces Wilibald’s chest, sending him to his knees; but he is made of sterner stuff than anyone suspects, and holds his own as the leader tries to pummel him to the ground. The Hobbit is saved as Alberic, having felled his last opponent, charges in, axe swinging, and cleaves the Orc in twain.

The remaining Goblins break off and flee; one falls to an arrow from Gilthannas, but the others escape, taking Dindy with them!

Iwgar joins them, and as soon as the Company say they are going after the Hobbit, he hands them some torches and tells them he’ll keep the caravan safe and gather the ponies if he can. He’ll wait as long as he can before they carry on out of the pass, and wishes the Company good luck.

The companions, wearied and near exhaustion in many cases, head off immediately after Dindy. They track the Goblins to a nearby cave, that turns into a narrow, twisting tunnel that descends beneath the mountains. Distantly, the sound of Goblins singing can be heard, something about stewing the Hobbit. They hurry after them, but soon lose them in the tunnels; Alberic locates the tracks, and they rest for a short while to catch their breath and tend to the Hobbit’s wounds. Feeling slightly better, they carry on.

The journey through the dark tunnels takes most of the day, torches flickering out as they transverse the underworld. However, the Goblins left easy tracks to follow, and eventually they come across voices and a flicker of fire-light. They douse their own torch and sneak forward, spying two drunken Orcs bickering by another passage entrance.

The Company tries to ambush the Orcs, but even in their drunken state, the Orcs are watchful and spot the companions are they try and sneak up; a volley of arrows takes out one Orc, but the other one remains standing, takes a look at the companions lurking in the shadows, bows out, and moves towards the tunnel he guards…

End of Session

XP Awarded: 1 each.


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