The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

Kinstrife & Dark Tidings: Part 4

Session 30


The Battle of Stonyford

16th Thirmidge, 2948

It is twilight, the glimmer of dawn just visible along the tops of the forest. The village of Stonyford is lit by torches and bales of hay set alight, archers and warriors lining the hastily built walls and palisades, watching the darkness for the enemy they know lurks beyond their light. To the South and East dwindling campfires mark the night, but there are no signs of movement, and no one is sure if there are dozens of warriors encamped nearby.

Atop the hill, where the old watchtower once stood, Valter the Bloody stands, bellowing commands for his men to stand their ground, be ready, keep watch. Oderic is close, clutching his stolen sword, watched by the ever-present trapper that shadowed him at the outlaws camp.

Then, suddenly, the silence of the night is shattered as three-dozen Beorning warriors bellow and charge in from the North, supported by Woodmen archers sending arrows over the barricades and into the outlaws. At the head of the charge, the Fellowship, sometimes Nameless, sometimes laughingly calling itself the Fellowship of the Frog, the Company let loose with arrows, felling an outlaw archer as they draw their swords, axe and spear, and clash with the warriors at the walls; behind them, moving to get a better aim, the Elf darts in and out of the shadows, arrows whizzing by.

Such is the ferocity and might of their army, that the companions quickly find themselves through the outlaws line of defence, scaling the walls, vaulting over the falling palisade; Popo shoots down an archer as he dives behind the wooden stakes but finds himself caught between the wall and an outlaw, whose axe cuts through the Hobbit’s armour, slashing him across his chest; his brother, Wilibald follows, stabbing the outlaw in the leg, sending him crashing to the ground. Another rears up behind him, but Popo jabs up and to the side, and the outlaw falls back, clutching his open stomach. The Hobbits fade into the chaos of the battle as it spreads out into the village, and disappear from sight.

Alberic and Dafydd wade into the midst of the outlaws, swinging axe and stabbing with spear, felling warriors, knocking others aside, moving through the enemy towards the hill where Valter, Oderic and Faron are plainly visible. The trapper spies them, and hurtles down the slope, his great axe swinging wildly as he charges into their midst. Gilthannas sends arrows towards him, but the trapper’s snake-like speed makes him a difficult target, and he dodges the deadly shafts.

Dafydd and Faron clash, axe clanging against spear, the Barding staggering under the impact; the clash slows the trapper down, allowing Alberic to catch him; and with a mighty swing of his axe, Faron falls!

Meanwhile, Wilibald pops up by Oderic, and they face off, swords out. The Hobbit tries to persuade the young man to surrender, and it almost works, but then Valter shouts at him to slay the child, and Oderic swings at the Hobbit… and strikes him down! Gilthannas slows him down with a well-placed arrow, and then up comes Alberic, and with a whack of his axe’s shaft, the Beorning-turned-outlaw slumps, unconscious.

Valter the Bloody looks down upon the battlefield and for the first time since coming to this land he feels fear: his men are dying, fleeing, the Beornings have started chanting “Beorn, Beorn” and in the growing light, a giant bear is breaking through the ranks, flinging men aside like they were nothing. He turns to flee himself, but comes face-to-face with Dafydd; the Barding ducks as the Elf yells a warning. An arrow embeds itself into Valter’s shield, the force of the impact forcing him to his knees. Dafydd raises his spear high, and with a mighty jab, pierces the large man’s mail coat, stabbing him in the heart.

Valter the Bloody dies as he is named, covered in his own blood.

19th Thirmidge, 2948

It is midday, at the top of the Carrock. Beorn sits in judgement of Oderic, captured during the battle. The companions have given their testimony, and largely thanks to his compliancy in the attack on Stonyford, Oderic is found guilty and sentenced to exile; to return to these lands will mean his death.

In the aftermath of the battle, with nearly two dozen of their own dead, Beorn took command, the dead were buried, the outlaws hunted and routed, and the village liberated. The Company, for their bravery and capture of Oderic, were asked to accompany Beorn to the Carrock, where his judgement would be made. By the time they reached the sacred rock, their weariness had passed and their wounds were healed.

As the Beornings escort Oderic out of their land, Beron thanks the companions and invites them back to his house for a celebratory feast. There he pays them the silver he promised, but more than that, he agrees to be their patron, and even more than that, he bestows upon them the title of Thane, and grants them land in the village they saved.

They spend the week at his home, enjoying the rest. Amongst the spoils of the battle they found a shrunken, mummified head that Valter was carrying with him. Beorn, wanting nothing to do with such strangeness, tells them to ‘go see the Wizard’, and so off they go to see Radagast as the last days of Spring brighten the land as Summer approaches.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 2 each
Fellowship Phase as well: all Received Title of Thane, with a Holding in Stonyford (rating x).

Date of Next Adventuring Phase: 27th Thirmidge, 2948 (end of Spring).


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