The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

Kinstrife & Dark Tidings: Part 3

Session 29


12th Thirmidge, 2948

At The Old Ford the Company gather in the shelter of a farmstead, together with three dozen Beornings, a dozen Woodmen, and Beorn himself; who is bemused by the chatter of the companions as they plan and speculate about the outlaws and how to deal with them. He agrees to let them plan the battle, and hands over command of his men. As for himself, he heads off by himself, telling them that he will appear when they need him, and will bring the rage of Beorn down upon their enemies.

The companions watch him go, wondering if this is some sort of test as well, and the eyes of the warriors gathered around them all turn to the company.

The plan is a mix of stealth and brute-force: they intend to march their army close to the village, and hide them away in woods nearby. Then the company will lure away patrols of the outlaws, using the Hobbits and their ponies as bait, then take care of any outlaws that come to investigate a pair of Hobbits travelling alone with laden mounts. They head off soon after, an army of armed warriors on the move, the Company leading the way.

14th Thirmidge, 2948

Wilibald and Popo Took are camped with a pair of laden ponies, seemingly oblivious of the four outlaws sneaking up on the small, vulnerable Hobbits. The others, together with a pair of archer Woodmen, lie in ambush; but one of the Woodmen stumbles as he rises, alerting the outlaws, who shoot and take out the Woodmen with a well-placed arrow. That archer is in turn taken out by the well-aimed arrows of Gilthannas. The other Outlaws turn tail and run, but one finds his path cut off by the Hobbits, and manages to stab Wilibald, wounding him in the leg; they stab the outlaws in return, taking him out, but the other two, despite a quick arrow shot by the Elf, manage to escape into the night and head back to the occupied village to warn Valter the Bloody.

15th Thirmidge, 2948

Another camp is set, but this time the ambush is much more successful. As eight outlaws attempt to sneak up on the camp, unaware that the blankets hide nothing but packs and branches, the Elf’s keen eyes spot them early on. The Company lie in wait, this time with half-a-dozen men, and they leap out of hiding amongst the tall grasses and attack. The outlaws don’t stand a chance: Alberic, Dafydd and Gilthannas take out two before they even know what’s happening, their Woodmen allies take out another two of the outlaw archers; two try to flee, but the Hobbits leap out of hiding and between them take the runners out, leaving the last two to Dafydd and Gilthannas.

They return to their army, and plan their next move: drawing closer, now that the patrols are dealt with, close enough to charge up to the village to attack. The send others off to the East and South of the village, and those men set up fires to make it appear as if a small army is surrounding them; the outlaws barricade themselves in, and the stage is set for the Battle of Stonyford.

End of Session

XP Awarded: 1 each.


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