The One Ring: Fellowship of the New Alliance

End of Year Fellowship: 2948

Fellowship Phase


The Company spend an End-of-Year Fellowship Phase at Rhosgobel:

Gilthannas gifts his gemstone to the Elven King, increasing his Standing, and himself and his companions are invited to a Royal Hunt this coming Spring; Dafydd gifts his cunning-make armour to the Woodmen, and learns all about his helmet and its qualities; Alberic confers with Radagast, learning more about exploring the Wilderland, and goes hunting with the Woodmen, gathering nuts and berries; the Hobbits spend most of their time eating, smoking, and sleeping. Popo journeys to the Easterly Inn as the snows thaw, settling down with his cousins to help build their blossoming pipeweed business. Wilibald continues with the Company, for now, wanting to learn about his shield before he returns to join his brother.


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